For over three years I have church hopped searching to be closer to God, to understand His word and to feel His presence more… It’s what I desired. It was God's plan & His timing that one day brought me to Your House of worship (TAP). For two years I cut yours and your children's hair, never one time did you preached to me. Never one time did you force your Spiritual beliefs Instead your wife as well as yourself spoke to me without Judgment, without intention for your personal gain. You always listen to my questions and answer them honestly. I remember the month quite clearly. Your wife was standing beside my chair telling me what she wanted me to do to the boy’s hair. She was pregnant with Hadassah. My thoughts were "wow...what an amazing family you have". Your presence with each other was one of peacefulness and Love. I could feel the energy from both of you and remember thinking, “one day I'd like to feel that”. In the end you (I was unaware u were a Pastor at this time) inviting me to your house of worship and still I hesitated, for I was NOT ready to surrender all of what I carried and still sometimes feel burdened by. This year I thank God for Bringing me to "Cost Cutters" His plan was for me to be there so that You Pastor, sat in my chair. You never push your ideas or beliefs on me, you just answered some questions that I seeked. Then You invited me to "Yom Kippur" (day of atonement) I went reluctantly but with curiosity .This was the Day the Lord spoke to me and I knew I was where He wanted me to be. I have grown closer to our Creator I thirst for his teachings and to walk with Him daily. The Family at TAP has been Nothing less than then A GIFT...a BLESSING...a TRUE example of Love, to myself to my children to my heart and to my soul. You have all opened my heart and my eyes as well as my mind to the glorious wonders of the words and teachings of YHVH.

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